Embassy Corner


Dear AmCham Members:

Latvia is playing a critical role in NATO, joined the OECD in record time, and is proud to note the exceptional success of many businesses in the United States and rising sports superstars like Kristaps Porzingis and Jelena Ostapenko. Indeed, the Latvian people have much to celebrate. Still, there is much to be done. Across this beautiful country, I have heard from business owners and private citizens about their desire for a more transparent society and competitive business climate. The U.S. Embassy is proud to work as a close partner of AmCham Latvia to promote reforms and other pro-business initiatives that expand important economic ties between our great nations.

AmCham plays a pivotal role in Latvian civil society: It is an influential voice for reform; provides networking opportunities and access to thought leaders; and offers resources and practical tips on U.S. trade and investment opportunities through its Gateway to the USA program. By your membership, you are affirming the importance of AmCham and helping achieve its mission.

But I encourage each of you to do more. Become even more active in the organization. Invite friends and colleagues to join. Find the issues that matter most to you and make your voice heard. Whether it's improving transparency and the rule of law, encouraging strong corporate governance, or tax and health reform, I urge each of you to become forceful advocates for the changes you wish to see.

Thank you for your partnership and your support of AmCham. I look forward to continuing our close cooperation and working with each of you to promote economic reforms and advance our shared values and ideals. Together, we can make a difference.

Best wishes,

Nancy Bikoff Pettit
Ambassador of the United States of America to Latvia

June, 2017 

AmCham reflects our values and enables us to meet similarly-minded people.

Daiga Auzina-Melalksne, Chair of NASDAQ Riga