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Members Now Hiring is committed to offering time-saving recruitment advertisement opportunity designed to meet the evolving needs of our members, while helping job seekers find the right opportunities and achieve their career goals.

Junior Auditor

(posted 22.05.2018, apply until 11.06.2018)

Junior IT Consultant, Advisory department

(posted 22.05.2018, apply until 11.06.2018)

Lawyer, PwC Legal

(posted 17.05.2018, apply until 03.06.2018)

Senior Consultant/Advisory department 
(posted 11.05.2018, apply until 27.05.2018)

Senior Consultant/Audit and Risk management department 
(posted 11.05.2018, apply until 03.06.2018)

Assistant General Counsel
(posted 27.04.2018)

All vacancies
(posted 17.05.2018)


Want to advertise your position?

Members Now Hiring offer members the opportunity to post vacancies on our site at NO COST for AmCham members. The cost for non-members is 50 EUR (VAT excluded) per position.

If you are interested please e-mail us at with the job information. Include your company logo, job title, brief description and a link to your job listing.

Please note that AmCham Latvia simply publishes these job openings and neither provides placement services nor actively supports in finding open positions.


AmCham represents the interests of its members, making membership a valuable asset.

Matiss Kukainis, Partner at Spigulis & Kukainis