Covidbots - Covid-19 Virtual Assistant

Mar 26
virtual assistant is being trained to provide reliable inquiries and to answer citizens' questions about Covid-19 in Latvia. The Covid-19 Virtual Assistant will answer questions of citizens round-the-clock.

This is a social initiative provided by the partners involved. Tilde provides the development and maintenance of the virtual assistant, while Tet virtual assistant coaches complement and update the virtual assistant's knowledge base.

Virtual assistants can be posted on their websites to any public or local authority that wishes to do so.

The purpose of this virtual assistant is to be a trusted helper for the people who are confused by the flow of information and want to get tested and reliable information on issues related to the spread of the new coronavirus in Latvia. At the moment, the virtual assistant is able to explain the symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, explain what to do about it, and indicate where to find the most up-to-date information.
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