EU and US announce negotiations for historic trade deal

Jun 19, 2013

At the G8 Summit, the EU and US leaders have set course for a comprehensive trade and investment agreement that will go beyond anything ever negotiated so far.

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Why Europe still matters

Jun 17, 2013

The Case for Investing in Europe 2013: Why US Firms Should Stay the Course demonstrates that the case for investing in the European market is as strong as ever.

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Coping with the crisis, the European way

Jun 17, 2013

Ernst & Young's European Attractiveness Survey 2013 measures real FDI and is available online.

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Happy Anniversary Spigulis, Kukainis & Azanda!

Jun 13, 2013

The law office Spigulis, Kukainis & Azanda just marked its 5th Anniversary.

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Do more, feel better, live longer

Jun 10, 2013

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Latvia has issued its first local CSR Report covering their business activities and their impact on people, the environment and the community. The report includes their approach to Corporate Responsibility and the actions they have taken to advance responsible and community- oriented practices in their business.

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28 AmChams meet up in the US

Jun 07, 2013

Last week 30 representatives from 28 AmChams across Europe took part in their annual visit to Washington, DC and, new for this year, New York.

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Putting customers first

Jun 07, 2013

Nordea Bank's Latvia branch has published its second consecutive CSR Report summarizing activities and reponsible business practices conducted over the course of the last year. For Nordea business results and CSR are of equal importance in the efforts to achieve their vision of putting customers first.

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Regional business development is key
Jun 05, 2013

Minister Sprudzs recently spoke about the challenges and top priorities of Latvia's regional development.

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Staying ahead of the curve
May 30, 2013

How can Latvia leverage the recent years’ economic development to stay ahead of the curve in regional and EU-wide economic competition?

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Feast for the senses
May 28, 2013

Diatom Art hosted a great and inspiring evening with informative and entertaining presentation of the book - A New Look at the Old City.

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