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Free CyberExposure Spot Check

Dec 19, 2023

Free CyberExposure Spot Check for AmCham and OSAC members
A risk-free step into the world of cybersecurity exposure assessments.  All we need is your company name and primary domain (as found in your email address) and we will provide you with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Cyber Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) changes the way security programs address vulnerabilities and improve security readiness. The CTEM approach is based on revealing the adversary’s view of your IT environment and mapping exposures to guide remediation actions. This makes sense since cybersecurity itself is not an objective, but rather a means. The ultimate measure of success of your information security programs, and what will decide whether one ends up in court or not, is the exposure of their data.

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CyberExposure Starter package (25% discount + Free External Vulnerability Scan)
• 1 domain
• 3 external IPs
• 1 High Value Target (typically an officer of the company)
• 1 organization to benchmark against
• Exposed Asset scan
• Free External Vulnerability Scan
EUR 1000-2500 
CyberExposure Intermediate package (30% discount + Free External Vulnerability Scan)
• 5 domains
• 10 external IPs
• 5 High Value Targets
• 10 organization to benchmark against
• Exposed Asset scan
• Free External Vulnerability scan
Cost: EUR 2500-5000 
Custom package
For large organizations and our most demanding customers
EUR 5,000+
Note: Quarterly and Monthly monitoring subscriptions available upon request. Cyber Exposure scans for individuals starting at EUR 50.

For more information:Tel. +14153476644, E-mail: michael@naicisao.org

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