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Unified AI access for enterprise from EPAM

Jun 16

AI Innovation and Experimentation
In today’s competition for businesses and organizations catching the wave is crucially important. Nowadays everyone talks on AI, LLMs but what is in the real practice? Biggest concerns that we hear both from Private and Public sectors are related with Security, Accessibility and Transparency.
AI requires multi-dimensional approach that includes education, experimentation, implementation. And to catch the way it is essential to give people flexibility to try, succeed, fail, learn with new capabilities.
But how to make it secure and flexible for your business at the same time?
How to build a bridge in between corporate data and LLMs insights?

There is no better day than today to join competition
EPAM Systems have answered this question practically across all EPAM functions, clients and shared with the world - AI DIAL.
EPAM would like to welcome you within your teams to a Workshop to share our approach and toolset.

Who can benefit
Heads of businesses, managers both from production and non-production units, developers.
How we can help you
Investigate AI DIAL as an Open Source Solution
We can join your AI-related discussions
Having an audience, we can conduct tailored Workshop
AI-related Consultation on request

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