Past events

Transport sector of Latvia: competitive or complacent?
Jun 19 from 16:00 till 18:30

It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place. How well we are doing to stay competitive was debated in a recent Outlook.

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Regional business development is key
Jun 05 from 11:30 till 14:00

Minister Sprudzs recently spoke about the challenges and top priorities of Latvia's regional development.

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Staying ahead of the curve
May 30 from 09:00 till 12:15

How can Latvia leverage the recent years’ economic development to stay ahead of the curve in regional and EU-wide economic competition?

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Feast for the senses
May 28 from 18:30 till 21:00

Diatom Art hosted a great and inspiring evening with informative and entertaining presentation of the book - A New Look at the Old City.

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May 27 from 13:00 till 18:00

The Big IDEA LV for those who have start-ups in their hearts and souls

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