Talent attraction

Attracting international talent - Latvia as a career destination is among top policy priorities of the Chamber throughout 2019. 

In line with this priority the Labor Force work group developed the survey on talent attraction that was conducted among members at the beginning of 2019 (February 2019- April 2019). It was followed by the position paper outlining recommendations on attraction and retention of talent launched on June 21, 2019 and a panel discussion "Latvia - a study and career destination" on August 14, 2019.

The position paper on talent attraction highlights the necessity to promote Latvia as a career destination and to develop skills to reduce current labor market mismatch. Among recommendations are streamlining of the immigration process for qualified labor and business, supporting regional mobility and housing with incentives to employers, investments in innovation, education and a more precise forecast for the future skills, in addition to strengthening public-private partnerships and intergovernmental cooperation.

The survey and position paper is available below: 
Survey on talent attraction 
Executive summary
Position paper on talent attraction
Viedokļa ziņojuma kopsavilkums
Viedokļa ziņojums par talantu piesaisti  

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Arnis Kākulis, AECOM Managing Director, Civil & Infrastructure, Baltic Region