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AmCham Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia has already organized four Gateway to the USA seminars, which have given useful insights into starting and running a business in the US for Latvian companies. A wealth of information was presented in these seminars, while initial research that an enterprise can conduct can be done without large financial or time investments - following useful links online. Here are some of the online sources highlighted in the seminars, which can help to set up shop or find the next pivotal part to build your nexus in the states.

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A government program by the US Department of Commerce, which helps to ease attraction of investment for businesses in the US via foreign direct investment. Method: coordination between federal agencies to ensure efficient information flow, insights into regulatory system and connections of parties. 

World Integrated Trade Solution. Country Analysis
Visualization of country's imports and exports created based on World Bank data. Method: percentage based visualization of exports, imports of a country, and main product groups being traded. Additional data analysis and visualization are also provided, giving insight into the country's business environment, and products, services offered.


Small Business AdministrationIndependent agency of the federal government, which helps to set up and run small businesses in the US. Method: provide access to funding programs, loans; local assistance and counselling, business guiding. 

Trade Map
Visualization in the form of tables, graphs, maps of international trade data. Method: data gather about 220 countries and 5300 product groups that can be filtered out and portrayed visually.




Access Costs Everywhere
An interactive tool by the US Department of Commerce to assess the potential issues and costs of setting up and running a business. Method: analytical framework that helps to assess costs using links to public and private resources, case studies.



Cluster Mapping
Information gathering tool which creates region and industry specific clusters created by Harvard University in cooperation with the US Department of Commerce and US Economic Development Administration. Method: usage of 50 million data records to create summaries of data via data clusters.

A blog that based on research and process gives online optimization advice to companies. Method: research based blog post once per-week with insights about methods of optimizing own website and trends to take into account when doing so.

Google Keyword Planner
A Google tool that helps to research which are the most common keywords and search trends on Google. Method: the tool helps to analyze the occurrence of different search keywords, the trend developments through time, and the costs of an ad campaign on Google if certain keywords were used.

Google Trends
A simple market research tool by Google that helps to analyze current Google search trends (including region specific searches). Method: infographics created based on data gathered by Google, which reveal the occurrence of certain searches through time.


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