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Newsletter, May 2021


Welcome to our re-designed Newsletter! This has been an extremely busy month with numerous events on a variety of topics. The higlights were the first Pan-Baltic Forum on combating COVID-19 and business recovery with top leaders from the government and business, and the meeting with the Minister of Defense. We held two webinars in the Connect with AmCham series focusing on good corporate governance and sustainable best practices. Our first fully virtual networking event centered around innovation and was hosted jointly with the Norwegian Chamber. Although it was a fantastic learning experience, nothing can replace human interaction. We are hopeful to welcoming you to particular in-person events in the fall.




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Jun 03, 2021 (13:00-14:00) - Tech is changing the way we live. Read more


Jun 07, 2021 - Jun 11, 2021 (07:00-10:00) - SelectUSA Investment Summit. Read more

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Jun 08, 2021 (13:00-14:00) - Economic prospects: Out of the woods yet?. Read more


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Apr 01, 2022 (08:00-19:30) - Spotlight Latvia takes place in L.A.. Read more



Past events


Now is the time to innovate

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On May 27, members of the American and Norwegian Chambers of Commerce had an opportunity to engage in the interactive workshop around innovation with guest speaker Prof. Vijay Kumar, Executive Director of J-WEL and Associate Dean for Open Learning at MIT. Members representing various industries were matched based on their topic of interest: human capital development, health, digital transition and green economy. Read more

Discussing geopolitical uncertainty

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Around 50 members and guests from the American and Norwegian Chambers of Commerce joined the online meeting with Artis Pabriks, Minister of Defense of Latvia to discuss topics related to the current and emerging geopolitical challenges and Latvia's readiness in facing them. The discussion was moderated by Martins Vargulis, Researcher of the Latvian Institute of International Affairs and supported by the Riga Graduate School of Law. Read more


Can green initiatives benefit your business?

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On May 19 the next Connect with AmCham webinar focused on sustainable business practices. Joining with their stories were senior executives: Karlis Cerbulis of NCH Advisors, Jakub Spryngl of Procter and Gamble, Ieva Tetere of SEB and Valdis Turlais of Rimi. The event was moderated by Linda Helmane, FICIL Executive Director. Speakers shared their green business strategies and discussed ways how to improve environmental performance and create sustainable supply chains. Read more

Is good corporate governance key to business success?

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On May 12 AmCham held a webinar in the Connect with AmCham series to discuss the newly introduced Code of Corporate Governance in Latvia with the following experts: Liene Dubava, Vice President of AmCham and Member of the Management board of Nasdaq Riga; Andris Grafs, Vice President of BICG and Māris Vainovskis, Senior Partner at Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns. Read more


Pan-Baltic Forum: Combating COVID-19 & Business Recovery

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On May 14  AmChams in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania held the First Pan-Baltic AmCham Forum on combating COVID-19 and business recovery with top government leaders representing all three Baltic countries, including Ministers of Health and Economy as well as business leaders. All speakers admitted that it is crucial to combine resources and expertise across the Baltics and ensure closer partnership between the public and private sector in order to combat the current crisis and regain ecomomic growth. Read more

ACE U.S. Week: Washington DC Virtual Outreach

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More than 60 AmChams’ representatives from 35 AmChams and 33 countries had the opportunity to meet with Washington DC partners through a series of virtual sessions in the scope of ACE-US Week: Washington D.C. Virtual Outreach which was e-hosted by prominent governmental and private organizations. Senior speakers were invited to discuss the Transatlantic relations, collaboration, economic recovery, climate change and other global challenges. Read more


Best practices on vaccination


Mikrotikls: onsite vaccination and incentives for employees

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The COVID pandemic has brought a myriad of challenges to workplaces over the last year. One of the most pressing challenges is how to encourage employees to vaccinate against COVID-19, thus contributing to reaching herd immunity for the economy to recover. Many employers are working on ways to incentivize their employees, such as providing collective vaccination or offering extra paid time off. To share best practices of how our members are responding to this challenge, we asked our member Mikrotikls how they go about vaccination in their company. Read more

Nasdaq Riga: health and wellness benefits and paid time off

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We asked Nasdaq Riga how they are supporting vaccination. In the times of pandemic Nasdaq has established a dedicated COVID-19 taskforce and since spring 2020 offers a number of additional wellness benefits to their employees in order to provide physical and mental assistance. Besides providing information about vaccination to their employees, Nasdaq provides fully paid time off for employees who are willing to get vaccinated. Read more




What's next on the labor force agenda?

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On May 11, the Labor Force work group members gathered to review the latest achievements since January 2021 and to set priorities for 2021 based on AmCham strategy related to skilling and improving governance of human capital development, Latvia as an international career destination as well as topics for upcoming events: diversity, mental health and wellbeing of employees. Read more

Healthcare WG meeting with Bank of Latvia Economist

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On May 20, members of the healthcare work group had an opportunity to meet Olegs Krasnopjorovs, Economist at the Bank of Latvia who gave a presentation on impact of healthcare on the macroeconomy. The presentation initiated a discussion on public health funding which will be continued at the next meeting. Members also discussed latest developments of the five healthcare pilot projects of 2021. Read more




Join the trade mission to New York and L.A.!

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The Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) invites to join a Trade Mission to New York and Los Angeles (September 19-27) within the Spotlight Latvia conference devoted to multimedia and entertainment industries. The purpose of the trade mission is to establish contacts with companies in the relevant industry in the U.S. for new cooperation projects. Read more

SAF Tehnika and airBaltic awarded for brand excellence

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On May 21, the winners of the competition "Brand of the Year 2020" were announced. The jury selected the winner in the category "Brand of the Year - for the World" - SAF Tehnika for their brand "Aranet" and the third place was awarded to the Latvian national airline "airBaltic" for their "Think green, fly green". We are proud of our members' achievements. Congratulations to both winners! Read more


Accenture will train 300 people

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As a result of the pandemic, more and more people and students from other sectors are considering a career change and starting a career in information technology. This summer, the company Accenture plans to train about 300 people to start a career in the IT industry. Read more

Join Virtual Running Club and support Care Mobile

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The Rimi Riga Marathon Virtual Running Club and Neste Latvija invite to join the campaign and challenge “Creating a healthier planet for our children” from May 1, 00:01 AM till May 31, 11:59 PM. By joining this campaign you will give the opportunity to Care Mobile a chance to drive in an environmentally healthy way and offer medical consultations for more than 1000 Latvian children. Join the challenge HERE! Read more


Special offer

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Advisory on attracting financial investment by Leinonen Latvia. Read more


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