Mikrotikls: onsite vaccination and incentives for employees

May 27, 2021

The COVID pandemic has brought a myriad of challenges to workplaces over the last year.  One of the most pressing challenges is encouraging employees to vaccinate against COVID-19, thus contributing to reaching herd immunity for the economy to recover. Many employers are working on ways to incentivize their employees, such as providing collective vaccination or offering extra paid time off. To share best practices of how our members are responding to this challenge, we asked our member Mikrotikls how they go about vaccination in their company.

  • Is your company encouraging vaccination and how?
    We have organized on-site vaccination for all warehouse workers on Tuesday - May 11, 2021, several weeks ago we started the process. 
  • Does your company provide incentives to employees who choose to get vaccinated?
    Yes, they will all get a paid vacation day which they can use at almost anytime. 
  • What are the largest challenges for you as an employer in this process?
    We were waiting for the vaccines to arrive (be available in Latvia).
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