Storytelling must evolve

Nov 07, 2019
Grand Palace Hotel, Pils 12
More than 40 members and guests attended a breakfast meeting with Jeremy Gilbert, Director of Strategic Initiatives at The Washington Post at the Grand Palace Hotel to learn more on the power of storytelling in news and other organizations as well as about Big Tech platforms like Arc Publishing and Zeus Prime.
The Washington Post, a major American daily newspaper published since its 1877, has changed a lot with digital subscriptions available now almost anywhere. The Washington Post is also a media innovation leader, one of most recognized models for quality journalism and digital innovation. Jeremy Gilbert is directly responsible for implementing the innovative strategies that deliver compelling storytelling over digital platforms.  
Storytelling is powerful in any organization. Studies show that we are wired to remember stories much more than data, facts and figures. Stories galvanize.  They fuel stakeholder buy-in by painting a clear picture of what is and what could be for everyone - from employees to investors to customers.  Further, when the stakeholder becomes part of the story, they are more likely to act.

About the Speaker:
As Director of Strategic Initiatives at The Washington Post, Jeremy leads the newsroom to identify, create, and execute unique digital products and storytelling experiences. He works closely with The Post’s engineering, product design, graphics, audience, analytics and advertising teams. In his role, Jeremy figured out how to tell the story of the 2016 presidential race with 3D printers, built The Post’s first automated stories, created The Post's first virtual reality project, initiated the use of 360 cameras, oversaw its first augmented reality story, built a freelance network that changes how The Post covers national stories and launched a new leadership vertical. Previously he led digital strategy at National Geographic, taught journalism at Northwestern University and worked at The Poynter Institute and art-directed a couple of newspapers.
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