Transparency, efficiency and digitalization critical for the future of healthcare

May 20, 2019
Ellex Law Office, Kr. Valdemara 62

The healthcare work group meeting took place on May 20 at Ellex Law Office. Possible cooperation with the Digital Health Cluster of Latvia was discussed, in addition to next steps for action in addressing issues such as transparency, efficiency and digitalization of the healthcare system.

Andre Nitzschmann of the Digital Health Cluster gave a short overview of their activities. The cluster was recently established as a cooperation platform for digital health solutions in Latvia. The cluster will unite health service providers, universities, patients and health-sector companies and organization to ensure an environment for innovative approaches, digitalization and health technologies aiming at improving healthcare efficiency and sustainability.

The work group decided to organize the next meeting as a brainstorming session to set three main priorities that could be proposed to the representatives of the National Health Service.

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