Great networking and playful humor of Don Pasquale

May 24, 2018
Latvian National Opera and Ballet

A gathering of more than 80 AmCham members along with their guests enjoyed a wonderful opening night of the production "Don Pasquale" by Gaetano Doniceti at the Latvian National Opera and Ballet on May 24. Along with the performance, the evening consisted of refreshments, snacks, and networking at Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga, 8th floor.

About the Opera
Don Pasquale, an old, rich man, plans to give his inheritance to his nephew, Ernesto, only if the boy marries a bride of his uncle's choosing. But Ernesto is in love with Norina, a widow with no money. In order to marry without losing the inheritance, the young couple enlists the help of friend Dr. Malatesta, who devises a plan consisting of numerous disguises, a false marriage, and deceit. The traditional comedy makes use of hints of irony to allow the audience to laugh at and relate to the traits of the characters living in 1950's Italy. All aspects of the production, from the music to the costumes, reflect upon Italian fashion and lifestyle in this era. Stage director Giorgio Barberio Corsetti says, "Our characters are not caricatures, but rather poetic formations that are very true to life."

This black tie event is an exclusive opportunity for AmCham members and friends to spend an opening night of the new production.

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I look forward to promoting stronger U.S.-Latvia ties and working with AmCham members to ensure Latvia is a trusted destination for international business.

John Tully, Chairman of the Board of MikroTik

In Nasdaq we strive to build sustainable principles into our solutions because it is the key to long-term global prosperity. AmCham is an organization where well-governed and transparent companies of different sizes and origins meet. This is why I am delighted to contribute to improving the business culture and corporate governance through AmCham.

Liene Dubava, Chair of the Management Board of Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange