Smart power - the new world order

Dec 11, 2013
Grand Palace Hotel, Pils 12

Today AmCham members, guests and representatives of the diplomatic community met with Artis Pabriks, Minister of Defense at the Grand Palace Hotel. Minister Pabriks spoke on the defense strategy of Latvia including the main security concerns, Latvia’s relationship with Russia, next developments after the Vilnius Summit and commented on the latest political developments in Latvia.

Smart power is a definition attributed to the idea of smart defense, which now has moved beyond, and now is widely used in the political arena as a combination of soft and hard power.  “Just like smart defense, smart power is about cooperation,” Pabriks stated.

Minister Pabriks addressed the main security challenges including Latvia’s defense budget and the military future of the EU.


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Together with AmCham we can develop our networking not only in the local market with local companies, but also reach out to good partners far away from Latvia.

Ugis Grigorjevs, Head of Sales at Nordwoc

Today is the key moment to demonstrate the values we share with AmCham and support like-minded businesses

Jekaterina Novicka, Partner of Business Development, Orients Audit & Finance