How to deal with guilt? What’s your prison?

Oct 29, 2013
SSE Riga, Soros Auditorium, Strelnieku 4a

There are of course no easy answers to existential questions raised by a story of prison life. “The Shawshank Redemption” is one movie that raises way more questions than answers.

The film screening took place yesterday at SSE Riga. Since 2010 we have held 11 movie nights together with our partners SSE Riga and the US Embassy. These events are open for our members, their friends and family as well as students and the broader community.

This time we had an opportunity to watch one of the most popular and amazing movies of all time, “The Shawshank Redemption”. Among people who attended some were second- and third-time viewers who commented that this particular movie is worth watching again and again as it makes one see things in a new light. After watching, many other guests said they would like to see it once again.

According to the IMDB's Top 250, "The Shawshank Redemption" is the best movie of all time. And those who took part at the event yesterday had a chance to realize why it is considered one of the greatest films. 

The event kicked-off with welcome remarks by Amirah Ismail, Political Officer of the US Embassy. Remarks were delivered by Inese Voika, Chairperson of Transparency International Latvian Chapter Delna who suggested to think about freedom, friendship, relationship and guilt while watching the movie.  According to her, the film draws upon a deeper meaning of corruption that rots human lives from within and poses unanswerable questions such as how to live up to your values, what true freedom is and how to maintain humanity and integrity. The main character, through choices made in aspiration to live up to his potential, is a representation of human dignity, leadership, and determination.

Even if you were not able to join this screening, make sure you watch “The Shawshank Redemption”. It is a must-see.

Thanks to all who came and thanks to our supporter Coca-Cola HBC for providing us with refreshing drinks.

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