What to consider when entering the U.S. market

Jun 13, 2022
LTRK, Kr. Valdemāra 35

On June 13, members of AmCham and the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) joined the 12th consecutive seminar to learn tips and tricks on how to enter one of the most challenging and competitive markets in the world - the United States.

A group of excellent experts shared practical tips for a successful U.S. market entry:

  • Anne Redalen Fraser is the Consular Chief at the U. S. Embassy in Riga spoke on insignts of business visa and immigration, 
  • Reinis Sīpols, Head of the Representative Office in the U.S. (Boston) addressed members on promotion of Latvian businesses in the East Coast
  • Ivars Slokenbergs, Founder and Attorney-at-Law of Slokenbergs PLLC explained legal aspects of doing business in U.S.
  • Eriks Kehris, Founder and CEO of Cubed share his experience and best practices about the U.S. entry of a Latvian company.

Seminars on the US Market are organized together with LCCI to foster trade, investment, partnership and friendship between the United States and Latvia.  The aim of those seminars is to inform companies about the opportunities and challenges in the U.S. market. Seminars are addressing a number of issues important to businesses and sharing success stories.

View the presentation of Anne Redalen Fraser
View the presentation of Eriks Kehris
View the presentation of Reinis Sipols
View the presentation of Ivars Slokenbergs

Meet our speakers: 

Anne Redalen Fraser is the Consular Chief at the U. S. Embassy in Riga, Latvia. She has been with the Department of State for ten years, and worked at U. S. Embassies in Jerusalem, Romania and Jamaica. Anne grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she worked as a corporate attorney and a theatrical costume designer before joining the Foreign Service as a third career. 

Eriks Kehris, Founder and CEO of Cubed
Eriks has over 10 years of real estate development and leadership experience. Eriks has led the development of 6 multi-purpose developments totaling close to 100 satisfied customers and several real estate developers.
Eriks has an EMBA from SSE Riga, a Master in Environmental Technology Management and a Bachelor in Economics and Business. Eriks' professional interests lie in finance, economics, sustainability, construction processes and materials, design and real estate.

Reinis Sīpols, Head of the Representative Office in the United States of America (Boston)
Reinis is a mining engineering graduate from Michigan Technological University who has over 20 years of operational experience in the construction materials and mining industry where his responsibilities have included all aspects of mine operations and management. He has over 16 years of natural resources industry consulting experience beginning as Vice President of Spectra Environmental Group, as President of Behre Dolbear & Company, Inc., as Director of Mining Projects for Dalmore Group and Managing Director of Pack Leader Services. He specializes in compliance and due diligence reviews as well as operations advisory work. Reinis is a Professional Engineer in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey and is a Qualified Person Member (QP) of the Mining and Metallurgical Society of America for environmental compliance and permitting issues as well as open-pit mining. Reinis recently joined the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) as its second U.S. representative focused on promoting Latvian businesses in the eastern USA with a specific focus on Boston, New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. 

Ivars Slokenbergs, Founder, Attorney-at-Law, Slokenbergs PLLC 
Ivars Slokenbergs is a corporate and commercial cross-border lawyer advising Baltic companies doing business in the United States or planning entry to the US market. He is the founder of SLOKENBERGS PLLC – a law firm and business consultancy based in New York. Licensed in New York, Ivars Slokenbergs has broad experience advising clients on complex matters on both sides of the Atlantic. Earlier, he worked as a commercial litigation lawyer at a global law firm in New York, after which he moved to Latvia and, for more than a decade, served as a corporate lawyer at one of the leading law firms in the Baltic States (Ellex Kļaviņš). He is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School in New York. Ivars provides Baltic investors in the U.S. a broad array of legal and advisory services, including on corporate establishment and transactions, commercial agreements and licensing, employment and equity incentives, intellectual property protection and business immigration, as well as other legal services required to successfully operate a business in the U.S.

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