Digital transformation of Telco industry

Jun 14, 2023
Swisscom DevOps Center Latvia; Roberta Hirša iela 1

On June 14, Swisscom hosted a Business After Hours Event with various activities such as networking, presentations on Swisscom's work culture and digital transformations within the telecommunications industry, and a guided tour of the beautiful Swisscom office located at the business and office center Verde. Swisscom, as the foremost telecommunications and IT company in Switzerland, was the focal point of the discussions. The presentations included transformative initiatives, notably the amalgamation of development and operations teams into a unified "devops" structure, with the office functioning primarily as a devops center. Furthermore, Swisscom has embarked on a comprehensive migration to the cloud, partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to facilitate this transition.

In terms of work culture, Swisscom fosters an environment that emphasizes flexibility and encourages employees to feel at ease while nurturing their ideas. Attendance and performance regulations are relatively lenient, and the organization highlights the concept of leaders rather than mere managers. Notably, only one director is present on the floor, whose primary responsibility is to support the devops team rather than assume a traditional managerial role.

We are grateful to Swisscom DevOps Center Latvia for an excellent event and presentations of the hosts Elina Branta, Member of the Management Board and Matt Piller, Epic Owner Quality and Automation.

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