Accenture opens brand new office in Teika

Sep 26, 2018
According to the portal Delfi, information technology (IT) company Accenture that currently employs more than 1550 employees in Latvia, has decided to open a new office in September with 500 work places in Riga, New Teika, in the office building Teodors.

At present, Accenture has three offices in Riga. Each of them employs around 500 people. Two offices of the company are located in the vicinity of VEF - Brivibas gatve and New Teika quarter, and the third - Gunars Astras street. One office of the company is located outside of Riga - Ventspils.

The interior design of a new office of approximately 4,000 square meters was designed by the architect Brigita Bula. The modern office is based on the understanding of factors affecting productivity, labor market trends and 'Z generation' working style, advanced technology and ergonomics.

In order for an IT specialist to be able to perform his duties, three things must be provided. First of all, the employee needs a comfortable and ergonomic work place; secondly, it is necessary to provide the opportunity to communicate with other colleagues; it has different meeting rooms and places where the employee can speak or hold a small meeting without interruption. Thirdly, the office must have the opportunity to focus on the work, so that the employee can perform his duties without interruption and, if necessary, work alone. For private conversations, there are both closed rooms and open, but separated from the rest of the space, so that employees' conversations do not interfere with others.

In the spring of this year, a 16-story office building was put into operation at Teodors' business center "Jaunā Teika".

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