Accenture plans to recruit more than 200 employees

Nov 23, 2016
Accenture has already recruited the 1000th employee in Latvia in November 2016, but by August 2017 the company plans to recruit more than 200 new employees.

"Accenture has been working in Latvia for almost 15 years. During these years we have strengthened our positions, we have become the largest exporter of IT services, increasing the country's export figures and creating new and well-paid jobs. We work with large international projects, bringing Latvia's name in the world because work of our specialists has been highly valued. In the financial year that will last until August 31, 2017, we plan to increase the number of employees by 22 percent," said Accenture head in Latvia Maksims Jegorovs.

In the financial year that lasted from September 1, 2014, until August 31, 2015, Accenture generated EUR 32.17 million in turnover, up 16.6 percent from a year ago, while the company's profit was EUR 2.02 million, up 23.9 percent year-on-year.

Accenture is an international management consultation, IT and outsourcing company. The company employs more than 375,000 people across the world, serving customers in more than 120 countries.

The Latvian branch of Accenture was established in 2002. (Source: LETA, November 21, 2016)
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