AmCham celebrates 30th Anniversary

Apr 06, 2023

Today AmCham Latvia marks its 30th Anniversary since its founding on April 6, 1993. Since then it has grown into a thought leadership hub, representing over 160 U.S., international and local organizations and individuals united by mission to foster trade and investment between the U.S. and Latvia, and to strive to position Latvia as a trusted destination for American and international business.

On this occasion, AmCham President John Tully said: “As I look back at the last three decades and how AmCham has evolved, I am impressed by the role AmCham played as a thought leader, bringing together decision-makers to address key issues for business and society.”

He went on to say: “AmCham continuously seeks to add value to its members who are bonded by shared democratic values and fundamental human rights. In the current geopolitical setting, these core values remain as important as 30 years ago. Our well-established network of members connects know-how, generates new ideas and proposes solutions for our collective benefit”.

Over the course of its existence, AmCham has delivered qualitative programs through which members and partners gained information, education, and knowledge. AmCham has:

  • Actively promoted Latvia as an investment destination through organizing and participating in several U.S. Investment and Trade Missions to the Baltics and Latvia and sent delegations to the U.S. and around Europe to increase awareness about the investment opportunities in Latvia.
  • Successfully informed and guide lined policymakers in the U.S. and Latvia on issues important for the business community through its strategic partnership with business organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the network of AmChams in Europe and the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia (FICIL) as well as through numerous policy positions on such priority areas as human capital, education, employment, healthcare, sustainability, investment attraction and tax system.
  • Welcomed former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to Latvia.
  • Held over 230 business luncheons, featuring high-level guest speakers from both government and business, including current and former State Presidents and Prime Ministers of Latvia, in addition to leading U.S. government officials such as former U.S. Secretary of Labor, U.S. Ambassadors, U.S. Governors and Senators. 
  • Held about 60 advocacy seminars, including 20 high-level seminars in Outlook series exploring the main economic, legal and social issues of the day.
  • Held over 210 business networking events and social events, including 6 U.S. Independence Day Picnics, 12 Opera Nights and 16 Annual Chili Cook-Offs.
  • Initiated and held 6 Human Development Awards in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy and Civic Alliance of Latvia to honor inspirational Latvian people and organizations who have significantly contributed to human development in the areas of social responsibility, education, health and well-being and the future development of Latvia.
  • Held 5 Latvian-American Innovation Award ceremonies to promote entrepreneurship, research-driven innovation, and closer economic ties between Latvia and the U.S. in partnership with the Baltic American Freedom Foundation, the U.S. Embassy in Riga, TechHub Riga and the Latvian Startup Association.
  • Held 10 seminars to promote trade and investment between Latvia and the U.S. together with the Latvian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.
  • Held 4 Annual Student Business Plan Competitions supporting the development of young entrepreneurs in Latvia.
  • Co-hosted 2 Health Data Summits in Riga together with the Ministry of Health and National Health Service focusing on how quality data can be used to benefit patients, doctors and the entire health system.

AmCham Anniversary year is powered by Cognizant, McDonald’s, Medtronic and Novartis. The Anniversary Dinner is supported by Gosselin, Baltic American Freedom Foundation, Ellex Klavins, Eversheds Sutherland Bitans, EY, Luminor, Spīgulis & Kukainis.

Video interviews with AmCham members are available below:
Click here to view the video featuring Kim Leandersson, Head of Cognizant Baltics
- Click here to view the video featuring Vladimir Janevski, Managing Director of McDonald’s Baltics
- Click here to view the video featuring Edgars Labsvirs, Health Policy and Market Access Manager Baltic of Medtronic
- Click here to view the video featuring Dita Erna Sīle, AmCham Board Member and Public Affairs & External Communication Head of Novartis Baltics.
- Click here to view the video featuring Ieva Rācenāja, AmCham Vice President and Director of Riga Graduate School of Law
- Click here to view the video featuring Pauls Miklasevics, AmCham Vice president and individual member


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Reich Montage


AmCham provides S3 a great opportunity to connect with business community.

Agne Stojakove, Market Vice President, Country Manager Strategic, Staffing Solutions International

We are very pleased to be part of AmCham and are looking forward to driving innovation forward in Latvia.

Mikko Fernström, General Manager, Biogen Latvia