BaltCap launches €200 mln successor infrastructure fund

Oct 17, 2023

BaltCap held the first closing of its €200 million target BaltCap Infrastructure Fund II (BInF II). The 20-year successor fund aims to contribute to increasing the resilience of the region with a focus on renewable energy generation, energy demand reduction, and social as well as transport infrastructure investments in the Baltics and Poland. The fund is an Article 9 fund under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. 

The new fund will continue the proven strategy of its predecessor BaltCap Infrastructure Fund I, with a goal of financing infrastructure projects with positive environmental and social impact. BInF II will primarily focus on investments in renewable energy projects, such as wind farms, solar parks, and biomass and biogas plants. It will also continue to help local municipalities to increase the energy efficiency of their buildings as well as provide essential services, including establishing and renovating schools, public buildings, and other social infrastructure.

  • Firstly, contributing to the accessibility of clean and affordable energy by developing ca 200 MW of new renewable energy capacity— 100 MW of biomass, 33 MW of wind, and 60 MW of solar capacity;
  • Secondly, developing ca 19,000 m2 of energy-efficient education and community facilities with 1740 new study places, allowing local children to avoid commuting to faraway schools. Additionally, deep energy modernization of ca 10,000 m2 of municipal infrastructure (schools, sports facilities, and other public buildings) has been carried out;
  • Additionally, more than 2700 modern LED lighting fittings have been installed along more than 50 km of roads to increase the safety and security of residents.

BInF II is an Article 9 fund under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, which means it has set sustainable investment as its objective.

Source: Labs of Latvia

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