Bayer opens innovative office in Riga

Jun 01, 2023

Bayer has recently celebrated the opening of an innovative concept office based on the success of such concept offices in Finland and Denmark and represents a new approach to work with a focus on creativity, sustainability, and meeting evolving needs, this office sets the stage for increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Bayer encourages employees to fully embrace the office and its innovative features, fostering collaboration, creativity, and environmental consciousness.

Riga's progressive stance on workplace transformation makes it an ideal location for the concept office. The city's emphasis on mobility, agility, innovation, and collaborative work perfectly aligns with Bayer’s vision.

Spanning 300 square meters, the newly unveiled office is designed to create an open and inviting space that fosters collaboration. It offers a variety of work settings to encourage innovation and features well-lit common areas that facilitate team connections.

A captivating green wall adorned with natural plants lies at the heart of the office. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal, but it also promotes a healthier work environment, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.

Employee-driven collaboration shapes the new Office

The employees played a vital role in shaping the new office from its inception. Starting from the initial stages, they actively contributed their suggestions and ideas on various aspects of the office’s localization. Through numerous surveys, their valuable input influenced decisions such as the design and placement of the green wall, the positioning of the Bayer logo, and the naming of the new meeting rooms.

This true collaboration resulted in a workspace that reflects the collective vision and preferences of the employees. Furthermore, this collaborative approach will continue with regular satisfaction surveys and feedback channels, ensuring that employee voices are heard and their satisfaction remains a top priority.

During the grand opening, Dalya Heper Ertürk, Managing Director and Cluster Commercial Lead Pharma – Baltics, emphasized the significance of hybrid work and the return to the office for employee well-being and mental health.

She stated, "Hybrid work and coming back to the office is essential for employee well-being and mental health, leading to more engagement and productivity. Our new office concept definitely creates a cozy working environment where innovation, connection, collaboration, agility, and faster decision-making are fostered”.

Sustainability is a major focus of the project

During the relocation, the Riga Office Move Team organized a furniture auction, with active employee participation in selecting beneficiaries. Substantial donations were made to various charitable organizations, and the remaining furniture was donated to extend the positive impact.

The establishment of this concept office marks a significant milestone, solidifying Bayer’s position as a leader in embracing new work practices.

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