BEZVESTS.LV needs sonar equipment to find missing people

Nov 20, 2020
BEZVESTS.LV is the only volunteer organization providing missing persons search in Latvia since 2009. 130 people have been found in more than 1381 search operations. They have a team of more than 180 volunteers, consisting of telephone center staff, a thermal camera group, cynologists with a trained search dogs, divers, drone operators, and search instructors, group coordinators.

Despite the complicated situation due to Covid-19, BEZVESTS.LV has organized around 43 search operations this year, in particular:
  • Mystic disappearance case of a 3 year old boy Janis Tkacenko in Kraslava district, the volunteers still can't find. New search operation was organized this July. On the way to swamp where the boy disappeared, the state police asked for help with another case, and a group of volunteers organized both search operations.
  • The second operation to find the man who drowned in lake Cēmanis  2 years ago when his boat overturned. A motorboat with an echo camera was lowered into the lake, and special sonar with a scanner was launched into the water. The man was found within one hour thanks to this sonar equipment.
  • Another search operation was organized in river Mazā Jugla in Stopiņu district in May, to find the man who had disappeared since last December. This was the 10th operation and the human remains were found thanks to underwater technologies and volunteers hard work.
Currently BEZVESTS.LV is looking for a special underwater sonar equipment that would help detect human remains in water. The sonar equipment that has been used in underwater search operations before, is not always available, therefore either in-kind or financial support to obtain this much needed equipment will be appreciated.

Contact Rasa Buša, Volunteer of BEZVESTS.LV to find out more about donation possibilities: or +371 29721513.

Donation details:
"BEZVESTS.LV", Biedrība
Reg. 40008147693
Address: Skudru iela 4, Dreiliņi, Stopiņu novads, LV-2130, Latvija
Bank: Citadele Banka
Account: LV56PARX0012752970001

We understand that you may not be able to volunteer time or effort this season, but don’t undervalue how far a euro can go. Donations are what keep charitable organizations running. Let’s spread some Christmas cheer!
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