BITE funds activities of Dr. Clown

Dec 18, 2020
Continuing to provide support to charitable organizations, BITE is fully funding the association "Dr. Clown" in December. In total, they will cover 500 working hours of Dr. Clowns to support small patients in hospitals all over Latvia. According to the association "Dr. Clown", currently Dr. Clowns feel a special need to work and make children happy, especially if they have to spend Christmas time in the hospital. This need is exacerbated by the emergency situation and the circumstances of the pandemic, which have also led to emotional exhaustion for parents and medical staff.

The pandemic has left a serious impact on the work of charities, which provide significant support to various groups in society. The amount of donations received by charities has fallen sharply, which not only severely limits their ability to provide support to those in need, but also jeopardizes the existence of such organizations.

Bite has already provided support to the association "Dr. Clown"s in spring and will continue to help them and children during the holiday season.

The mission of "Dr. Clown" is to create a child friendly environment in health care institutions. In association with medical staff, they can help children and their parents to deal with the psychological and social aspects of illness, as well as relieve stress and make the recovery process faster. The assocaiton aims to help every child in difficult times!
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