Children's Hospital Foundation joins membership

Dec 13, 2021

The Children's Hospital Foundation has recently joined the Chamber as a Non-Profit member. 

The Children's Hospital Foundation takes care of the children's health through raising help from general public. They are a reliable partner to children, their parents, our country, medical staff and general public. They closely collaborate with the Children's Hospital on day-to-day basis and make their contribution in order to assure that the assistance available to children at the Hospital is professional, delivered in a high quality and provided in an environment that is friendly to the child and its family, as well as to provide continued support to each child who needs it in the post-hospital period.

In the Chamber it will be represented by Agneta Didrihsone, Managing Director.

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International School of Latvia


I look forward to promoting stronger U.S.-Latvia ties and working with AmCham members to ensure Latvia is a trusted destination for international business.

John Tully, Chairman of the Board of MikroTik

Together with AmCham we can develop our networking not only in the local market with local companies, but also reach out to good partners far away from Latvia.

Ugis Grigorjevs, Head of Sales at Nordwoc