Coca-Cola employees clean the beach in Engure

Jul 31, 2015
In the end of May more than eighty participants - Coca-Cola HBC Latvia employees together with their family members and friends - participated in environment cleaning campaign in Engure nature park in Kurzeme region. For the second consecutive year this project was organized in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund Latvia involving also local municipality.

Participants were welcomed by the director of Engure Nature park and representative from Engure municipality Roberts Šiliņš and World Wildlife Fund's representative Ingus Purgalis and after their welcome words everyone could choose one of four working teams.

During the day wooden tables, benches and waste bins for three recreational areas near Engure lake were built and waste at the seaside was collected. Another work group led by the director of Engure Nature park attended orchid trail that runs along the lake and which has a large variety of orchids - 22 out of 32 orchid species found in Latvia grows near Engure lake. Meanwhile the fourth working group prepared lunch for all participants but World Wildlife Fund's panda took care of children and spent together exciting moments in different games.

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