How to build and maintain company's reputation?

Aug 25

Damage to the reputation of companies is not uncommon. Companies surveyed by Delna, almost all said they had experienced reputational damage, with a third agreeing that it was a very big problem. In order to promote the topic and look for solutions to the challenges, on March 28, 2023, Delna called for a discussion "Undermining the company's reputation. What to do?". 

Building and maintaining a company's reputation should happen every day, based on good management and communication. However, any company can face damage to its reputation at the most unexpected moment, so it is essential for every company to be aware of potential risks in time and to prepare for an operative and quick response. The situation now mainly depends on the company's ability to react, so the first step for the company is to develop a crisis management plan.

Find out more on this topic HERE (in Latvian).

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