DEAC Announces New Version of Data Backup Solution

Jun 02, 2015
European data center operator DEAC has announced a new version of data backup solution called, BaaS (backup as a service), with a simple interface and wide options to store different data types in Data Backups at one or several of DEAC's data centers in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Riga.

DEAC's new BaaS solutions with increased availability has now become approachable for SME companies, startups and even single particular projects, providing users with even more possibilities to easily control and fully adopt the data copying process according to a their requirements and budget.

Centralized management is what makes DEAC' BaaS solution innovative and desired by many customers. It includes benefits such as, a full control of backup process, access management, self-service mode to customize data backup location, frequency, capacity and time of backups on demand. BaaS will work as an emergency recovery in a force major situation if the sensitive data is lost, saving businesses from harmful loss or even from closing down.

This service is available to anyone, anywhere in the world; it differs from previous versions with an extensive accessory range and diversity of the copied data. The customer must only install the backup agent software, which will allow their data to be sent to the DEAC's data center. To help assist customers, a customized online calculator was developed to allow price adjustments and necessary resource changes when purchasing BaaS. The storage agent software is included in this package.

Andris Gailītis, DEAC CEO
, explains more about this solution, "Within the last five years the amount of data we use has grown exponentially, changing the standards and requirements for the data backup and storage. Today many internet users realize how important the availability of their data is, therefore our new BaaS solutions can give advanced possibilities to easily control and fully adopt data copying processes to the customer's requirements, picking the most suitable time, amount, location and format of their backup data copies."

With this solution users are able to backup data and store copies of a wide range of data types, starting from simple files, databases, software, virtual platforms, ERP, CRM and workstation data. All backup data is encrypted to deliver the highest security against major risks. BaaS is is designed in the DEAC data center's infrastructure across Europe- London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Riga and based on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Software. Data centers are interconnected with one of the fastest internet networks and can be split into a single location or multiple locations, for customer's data backup.

More information about BaaS can be found here:
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