Delna announces the Latvia results of the corruption perception index

Feb 01

The international anti-corruption organization Transparency International has published the 2023 results of the Corruption Perceptions Index (KPI). Latvia's results have improved by one point compared to previous years, reaching the mark of 60 points. Although Latvia's results are slowly improving in the long term, we still lag behind some EU and OECD countries, and we will certainly not reach the targets set in the National Development Plan 2021-2027, according to Delna analysis.

"Latvia's slow progress in the fight against corruption can be explained by the delay in taking responsibility and implementing bold anti-corruption measures. Delna has prepared a series of recommendations for the government and decision-makers, which we can hope will improve the fight against corruption in areas such as political integrity, prevention of wastage of public resources, as well as business integrity," emphasizes Inese Tauriņa, director of "Society for Transparency - Delna". 

The specific issues analyzed in the listed sources point to three areas in which Latvia
still have the greatest potential to improve their performance and avoid a KPI result
persistence of stagnation:
• political integrity;
• business integrity;
• prevention of wastage of public resources.

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