Dynatech develops a world-class airline ticketing platform

Aug 23

DYNATECH has been the core center of competencies for DYNINNO Group’s ASAP Tickets and has supported it in IT and marketing for the last five years. Thanks to Dynatech the ASAP Tickets platform has been able to triple the number of its customers and has attracted 32,200,242 new platform users, as well as sold 1,128,301 tickets to numerous and popular destinations.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the international airline ticketing platform ASAP Tickets, and for the last five years it has been technically developed, maintained and promoted by the company Dynatech, which specializes in providing IT, marketing, project management, design and other business support services. Since the Latvian company Dynatech maintains the ASAP Tickets platform, the number of its customers has almost tripled. Over the past five years, ASAP Tickets has attracted more than 32,200,242 new platform users and sold 1,128,301 tickets to popular destinations such as the Philippines, the United States and Italy.

Mareks Reppo, Chief Technical Officer of Dynatech: “With the COVID-19 outbreak and the change of ASAP Tickets business model, we quickly had to implement new algorithms and technical solutions in our applications so that 1,500 tickets sales agents worldwide could work efficiently.”

About Dynatech:
Dynatech is a technology solution and competency center for DYNINNO Group, providing IT, marketing, PR, HR and other business support services to the group companies. Founded in 2016, Dynatech currently employs more than 300 IT and other competency experts, providing the opportunity to improve their professional skills by participating in international projects in the field of travel, financial technology and entertainment.

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