Fostering vaccination for employees

Jun 30

We asked Encompass Digital Media how they are supporting vaccination. Recently they have ensured vaccination for about 35% of their employees. Besides providing information about vaccination to their employees, they provide two additional paid holidays for employees who are willing to get vaccinated.

Is your company encouraging vaccination and how?

We have a monthly town hall with company and business updates and for the last year Covid has always been one of the topics we update employees on. We don’t plan incentives or other privilege for the vaccinated employees but we have always communicated that we support vaccination and see it as a way out of this pandemic.

Have you used or planning to use collective vaccination for your employees?

We did organize a vaccination for our employees in May in our office. It ensured vaccination for about 35% of our employees.

Does your company provide incentives to employees who choose to get vaccinated?

We have given employees an extra holiday after each vaccine so – two additional paid holidays. The reason for that is the possible side effects from the vaccine that may cause weakness and other symptoms that may prevent one from working the next day. Not sure if getting additional paid holidays has been a reason for someone to take it, but if it has been then we can call it an incentive we have to support it.

What are the largest challenges for you as an employer in this process?

Our business is working 24/7 to ensure smooth running of TV channels, our employees work twelve hour shifts days and night so finding the available times for vaccination to fit everyone and also not interfere with the expected business performance was the main challenge.

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