The potential of learning

Oct 17, 2013

Mission Possible (Iespējamā misija) seeks to strengthen the value of education in Latvia, helping talented university graduates become inspiring teachers and future leaders.

The project identifies, selects, trains and supports university graduates with leadership skills and good academic achievements who go to work in schools, help them to establish a positive and progressive environment, and enhance the interest and motivation of students to learn. The practical use of knowledge and the link between knowledge and real life is the specific strength of Mission Possible teachers. 

Three AmCham member companies EY, Exigen Services and GlaxoSmithKline took part in this education initiative. Here is why they support Mission Possible.

Andris Laucins, EY Central & Southeast Europe Advisory Leader: "There is untapped opportunity for companies to make a meaningful contribution to the education of children and this opportunity is hands-on principle, were business needs to share experiences to improve education. Therefore my support to "Mission Possible" in the form of teaching lessons is sharing my knowledge with our future leaders."

Uldis Smilts, Deputy Chairman of the Board, CFAO of Exigen Services Latvia: „My participation in the educational initiative within "Mission Possible" - "Inspire to learn" is just one of the activities in which Exigen Services Latvia is taking part as a company increasing competitiveness of IT industry in Latvia. I realize that it is very important for school-age children to throw light upon the IT industry by showing the work in the IT industry as an opportunity to work and live in Latvia that at the same time is providing interesting and challenging job opportunities in the international projects and in addition receiving a competitive remuneration package. Exigen Services Latvia also adds value to the initiative "Inspire to Learn" by paying scholarship to one of the teachers who teaches in the mathematics and IT related subject."

Dins Šmits, Chairman of the Board of GlaxoSmithKline Latvia: „Health and education is the basis of well-being and sustainability of every society, that's why GSK Latvia already for five years consistently supports - both donating finances and contributing time, competencies and experience of employees - educational initiative "Mission Possible" to meet its strategic goal - strengthen education as a national value of Latvia. Social partnership between GSK Latvia and "Mission Possible" has aspects of corporate, as well as individual cooperation and I'm very delighted that not only my personal involvement, but also that of my colleagues, has been growing and diversifying from year to year."

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AmCham and PwC share the same values and targets to achieve socially.

Zlata Elksnina-Zascirinska, Country Managing Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers

We re-affirm our commitment to the values that AmCham stands for and that we share.

Kārlis Danēvičs, Board member, Head of Credits and Risk at SEB Banka