Fulfill a child’s dream

Jan 24

At the end of 2022, with the support of Roche Latvija, the Children’s Hospital Foundation launched a new initiative on their website, which contains a section titled "Fulfill a child’s dream". The initiative aims to involve individuals as well as the community in supporting chronically ill patients of the Children's Clinical University Hospital (BKUS) by making their dreams come true. The website includes information on how to donate and get involved in the realization of a chronically ill child's dream, as well as other ways to help this patient population.

Instead of experiencing a healthy childhood, hundreds of Latvian children are being treated for serious chronic illnesses at the Children's Clinical University Hospital. These children are essentially fighting for their lives daily. However, despite the treatments, fears, and uncertainties of the future, many of the children dream about going on adventures, becoming pilots or artists, and simply experiencing beautiful moments with their families. By making their dreams come true, we aim to give these children an opportunity to forget about their struggles with disease and enjoy the moment.

If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about helping a child’s dream come true, the Children's Hospital Foundation invites you to visit the section “Fulfill a child’s dream” on their website and make a donation, or, if you see an opportunity to help fulfill it in another way, contact linda@bsf.lv.

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