3000€ towards safe environments and happy kids

May 16, 2018

If P&C Insurance's program "If Security Fund", sponsors development projects in institutions all over Latvia. This year they awarded three schools with 1000 EUR.

Out of eleven final projects submitted, three projects were voted for by the public to receive the award. A record number of 16,900 votes were tallied! The winners of this democratic vote were the Rēzeknes preschool "Jāņtārpiņš" (3052), Riga's kindergarten "Riekstiņš" (3040 votes), and Audriņi Elementary School (3002 votes).

"Jāņparkins" is a kindergarten located in Rēzekne. Thanks to the fund's financing, plans are now underway to install doors equipped with a video cameras and intercoms. Educators and employers will no longer have to leave children unattended to open the entrance door, they will be able to remotely unlock the door and calmly carry out their duties at any time of day.

The Riga kindergarten "Riekstiņš" specifically handles children with special needs. The kindergarten will use the funds provided to the repair the children's outdoor playgrounds and better adapt them for children with special needs, ensuring joy for the children and ease for the teachers.

Audriņi Elementary School, also in Rēzekne, will allocate funding towards infrastructure safety. Currently, the staircase and porch of the pre-school are in disrepair and not safe for use, but now they are able start renovation work. 

"If Security Fund" in Breif:
In 2007, the If Security Fund was created to foster safe environments. If Security Fund has provided support to more than 100 different institutions and foundations in different cities all over Latvia, working towards its mission of improving environmental safety.

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