Is your company family friendly?

Jun 13, 2018

The Ministry of Welfare has been evaluating companies since 2014 to determine which are the most family friendly. The status is given to companies that demonstate a high level of cooperation with a work-family lifestyle. The aim of this award is to promot family values and family living in society and in working environments.

The Ministry of Welfare believes that the family unit is the heart of every stable and healthy society. Families are vehicles to establish stable and responsible members of society. Cultivating the family is an important task that companies should look past as these are the people that become entrepreneurs, innovators, and employees that build up our country.

Amcham Members SEB banka and RISEBA were among 36 other compaies that presented with this award. 

“Every year this award is gaining more interest which shows that more and more companies are choosing to be more responsible and by promoting a suitable environment for employees, clients and their families. Care and responsibility are the basic principles for both human and business growth!” Jānis Reirs, labklājības ministrs

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