Training to boost your export capacity

May 27, 2022

The Latvian Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) offers an opportunity to receive funding up to 70 000 EUR for outsourced training or knowledge exchange training at an affiliated company. The application is open: May 30-June 27, 2022.

Conditions for receiving funding:

  • The company is registered in Latvia
  • The company justifies the training as necessary for the implementation of the product, process, marketing, or organizational innovations
  • The company will perform economic activity in one of the areas specified in the smart specialization strategy (RIS3) or a new competitiveness niche identified by the industry
  • The company justifies the impact of the training on export capacity, productivity, and the creation of high value-added products/services
  • When purchasing training from an external service provider, the company conducts market research and complies with regulatory enactments in the field of the procurement procedure

Eligible costs:

  • Training fee
  • Trainer's salary if an affliated or a partner company provides the training
  • Travel, transport, and subsistence expenses for employees Remuneration of employees during the training
  • Equipment rental, as well as depreciation costs for computer software and licenses

Process - Outsourced training

  • The company conducts a price survey on the planned training costs
  • The company submits a project application to LIAA
  • LIAA evaluates the received applications
  • The signing of the contract between LIAA and the funding's recipient
  • If the procurement procedure exceeds 70 000 EUR, the company submits a procurement plan and documentation
  • The company signs a contract with the training provider
  • The company implements training
  • The company submits a payment request
  • LIAA checks whether the procurement contract has been signed with the service provider indicated in the application
  • LIAA approves the payment request and pays the requested aid

Training at affiliated companies:

  • The company submits a project application to the LIAA, indicating the purpose of the training
  • LIAA evaluates the received applications
  • The signing of the contract between LIAA and the funding's recipient
  • The company implements training at affiliated companies
  • The company submits a request for payment and documents certifying the expenses
  • LIAA checks the submitted documentation and pays the requested aid

The application is open: May 30 - June 27, 2022.
The training can be implemented until September 30, 2023.
More information: LIAA website

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