Latvia and the USA: an ever closer partnership in a changing world

Mar 09, 2016
AmCham has received a request to support a publication about Latvia-USA relations entitled "Latvia and the USA: an ever closer partnership in a changing world" from the Latvian Institute of Foreign Affairs. It is scheduled to be published in April 2016.

There are many new developments in Latvian-American relations, especially in security and economic cooperation. However, the last publication on this topic dates back to 2012. This project will discuss the latest trends and provide a comprehensive go-to resource for policy-makers, media and broader public alike. It will promote an informed debate on Latvian-US relations and search for new possibilities.

The project will include:
  • Publication on Latvian-American relations, including an analysis of the last four years and recommendations for the future. The book will include chapters on politics and security, economics, and people-to-people relations, and will be co-authored by approx. 12-14 Latvian and US experts including analysts from Jamestown, Atlantic Council and CSIS. It will be published online, and hard copies will be distributed for free in public event and to Latvian and US policy-makers.
  • Public event in Riga with participation of 4 to 5 authors and/or other experts on Latvian-American relations. The event will be aimed at a broad audience including Latvian policy-makers and officials, foreign diplomats, media, experts, business representatives, students and everyone interested. Expected number of participants - 70, expected outreach through media and webstream - more than 50 000.
  • Accompanying publicity measures - liaison with traditional media; social media; networks. A presentation in Washington, DC is possible, but will be confirmed separately.

The publication will be a valuable tool about LV-US relations and with AmCham's contribution, it will also cover economic and trade relationship. The Latvian Institute of Foreign Affairs is looking for private donations to support the publication in the range of USD 2000-3000. Please contact Andris Spruds,, +371 2987 5965 (in Latvia) or Diana Potjomkina,, +1 571 477 8267 (in the U.S.) if you would like to support the publication.

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