Latvijas Finieris marks 30th Anniversary

Oct 03, 2022

On 2 October, Latvijas Finieris celebrated its 30th anniversary with a magnificent concert "Tree of Life”. It is not a traditional birthday date as the history of the company is much older. Therefore Latvijas Finieris sees this date as more of a milestone to celebrate the founding of the joint-stock company. A day on which they can only admire the 209 colleagues of the time for their courage and determination to take the entrepreneurial step and establish their own company at a time of uncertainty.

Latvijas Finieris expresses gratitude to everyone who responded to their initiative to support and provide equipment to the Latvian microsurgery mobile unit on the front lines in Ukraine. Thanks to the initiative more than 124,000 euros have been donated, fully covering the necessary costs of the equipment. More about the initiative and the possibility to follow the further use of the donated funds is available on website.

Watch the short video about Latvijas Finieris below:


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