Educating schoolchildren about forests and nature

Dec 06, 2022

On September 8, Latvijas Finieris gathered more than 1,200 pupils from 35 schools for a Green Class at Sarkaņkalns - an annual educational adventure for elementary school pupils about forests, nature, and wide application of wood products. It’s also one of the most ambitious informal education events for young people in Latgale region. The event was organized by Latvijas Finieris in cooperation with JSC Latvia’s State Forests and more than 20 companies, organizations and institutions taking part in the educational activities.

A sneak peek video of the Green Class:

"Openness, sharing of knowledge and interchange with new generation about the processes essential to the national economy are, in our opinion, important for a sustainable future. Therefore, the involvement of Latvijas Finieris in various educational activities has a long tradition," says Jānis Staris, Latvijas Finieris Supervisory Board member.

During the entire day, forest industry specialists welcomed the young people at the informative stations. Everyone had the opportunity to participate and find out about the forest, trees and wild animals, as well as the sustainable management of these natural resources.

"Thank you to all cooperation partners who devoted their time and resources to be in the Green Class and share their knowledge and experience with young people and teachers. It was a real pleasure to see a lot of happy children enjoying the day. Schools – please book the next autumn semester 2023 excursion to the Latvijas Finieris Green Class!” invites Jānis Staris.

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