Sustainable solutions for the parquet industry

Dec 01, 2021

Focusing on intelligent use of raw materials and the European Green Deal guidelines, many businesses, including parquet industries, are looking for solutions to support sustainability and a healthy living and working environment. The increase in demand for products manufactured in a sustainable and unharmful way for one’s health is notable.

The increasing focus on longevity of products, their recyclability and impact on the environment throughout the value chain is a result of a shift in how we perceive matters related to sustainability. The European Green Deal is demanding urgent moves in the way we produce and consume, including resource efficient production, building and resource-saving. The parquet industry is no exception and needs to adjust to global shifts by choosing solutions in line with policies and demand coming from end-users. Traceable raw materials, efficient production and use of adhesives unharmful for health are among the driving principles towards sustainable solutions.

To turn theory into action, Latvijas Finieris, the mother company of Riga Wood, introduced the unique RIGA ECOlogical birch plywood, in which biological lignin is used as a substitute for traditionally used fossil phenol. This innovation is especially important for the parquet industry, where birch plywood is commonly used as the support layer of parquet floors in public and private spaces, and end customers demand solutions not harmful to one’s health. Unequivocally, the driving force for these innovations in the market of sustainable building materials are the individual end-users.

In November, Latvijas Finieris Group renamed its product brand from RIGA to Riga Wood. This move emphasised the Group's strategic direction towards premium birch plywood products and related services. The story included in the brand’s visual identity is inspired by nature itself - the lines, being one of the graphic solutions, symbolise the birch grove and veneer plies in plywood. Moreover, these elements of the new visual identity emphasise the well-thought-out and far-sighted decisions, actions and solutions of the company.

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