Luminor raises awareness by joining HIGH FIVE!

Dec 17, 2018
This year the Charity Marathon HIGH FIVE! (DOD PIECI!) is supported by Luminor bank inviting people to consider how important it is to find time for our families and children, how crucial it is to spend quality time with our close ones rather than being lost in everyday rush and routine, always prioritizing work.

This year the Charity Marathon will raise awareness of how important it is for children to receive enough attention from both of their parents and how to build a healthy work/life balance. All donations will go towards an educational program for parents who are having their first child. The program is not focusing only on practical knowledge on how to take care of a child (how to hold and feed a baby) but also on how to create relationships which are based on empathy and where parents are proactively following and guiding child's development and behavior rather than following the pattern of instinctive reaction towards our children's behaviors.

Luminor invites you to vote for your favorite song and to donate for this cause on Just a 5 EUR donation will provide 30 minutes of the educational program for free! But most of all Luminor invites you to spend more quality time with people around you and always try to be more mindful and present. Empathy and kindness will help us all to develop understanding between each other and make a lot brighter future for our children and ourselves!
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