Meet our summer intern

Jun 19

This summer, AmCham is happy to host an intern, Philip Blumberg, through the American Latvian Association’s (ALA) internship program. This program brings Americans of Latvian descent to gain work experience in Latvia while immersing them in the country’s culture. Philip, pictured third from the right, is working for the Amcham office in Riga, assisting with the U.S. Independence Day picnic, communications, and various other projects. He is from Arlington, Virginia, and studies economics and political science at Northwestern University.

Maija O’Hara, pictured fourth from the left, is working for the Latvian Investment and Development Agency. She is from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and studies economics at Boston College.

There are four other interns in the program this summer. Philip and Maija had the chance to sit in on a meeting of the World Federation for Free Latvians (PBLA) last week, where they met members of the ALA board.

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