Microsoft and Tilde supports students with hearing impairments

Oct 25, 2023

Tilde in partnership with Microsoft aims to advance inclusive education through automatic speech recognition solutions. In the Proof-of-Concept stage, with the support of various NGOs and schools, Tilde has paved the way for a more accessible and equitable educational experience for individuals with hearing impairments.

The solution developed by Tilde combines a wearable cordless microphone and speech recognition technology-based software solution. As a result, real-time captions of spoken content can be displayed on interactive boards, classroom monitors, PCs, or mobile devices.

The speech-to-text solution was developed and successfully tested as Proof-of-Concept, involving maths, literature and informatics teachers and their students from two Latvian schools. The project has already gained the interest and participation of several forward-thinking schools eager to test and implement this solution. By embracing this technology, educational institutions are committed to fostering a more inclusive and accessible learning environment.

In recent years, the need for inclusive education solutions has become increasingly evident. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 5% of the world’s population – over 430 million people – live with disabling hearing loss. Among them are countless children who require accommodations in the classroom to ensure they have access to the same educational opportunities as their peers.

Tilde’s solution is aligned with the EU legislation related to accessibility for groups of people with special needs, thus it is also part of the RRF financing-related priorities of National governments.

Source: Labs of Latvia

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