MikroTik and LMT showcase 5G high-performance router

Oct 18, 2023

LMT and MikroTik have created a prototype 5G high-performance router. The router operates in the 5G mmWave spectrum and can deliver unprecedented data quality to connected devices. The router is expected to be particularly useful in the future for industries such as maritime and others that require powerful and fast data exchange.

In a demonstration at a 5G lab, jointly developed by LMT and MikroTik, the router delivered a maximum upload speed of 300Mbps and a download speed of 2.5Gbps in power tests. The demonstration was held during 5G Techritory, Europe’s leading 5G ecosystem forum.

The high-performance router operates within the 5G mmWave spectrum, encompassing the “millimeter-wave” frequencies ranging from 24 GHz to 47 GHz, situated at the upper end of the 5G spectrum range. According to the router’s developers, this equipment is vital in facilitating data transmission in scenarios where large data volumes must be transmitted rapidly, especially when specific environmental conditions or other factors make it challenging or unfeasible to establish a data cabling network.

One potential application for such a high-power router is to enable data transmission between ships at sea and ships in port. LMT plans to conduct tests with the router in the near future, aiming to extend 5G coverage not only on land but also in the Baltic Sea.

"We are delighted to continue shaping not only Latvia's but also the world's technology future in collaboration with LMT. Each new jointly developed device not only creates fresh opportunities for our customers but also enables us to acquire knowledge and discover timely solutions to the questions and challenges that society will encounter in the future. For instance, as the 5G mmWave band becomes more widely accessible in various countries, we will be well-prepared for it, thanks to tests like those seen by 5G Techritory visitors," says CEO of MikroTik and AmCham President.


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