Cemex has new Chairman

Sep 08, 2014
As of September 2, 2014 Graham Russell has become the new Chairman of the Board of CEMEX Latvia and CEMEX CEO Baltic States, Finland and Russia, thus replacing Enrique Garcia, who led the company for the last four years.

Graham Russell has ten years long work experience in global building materials company CEMEX. Previously he was Managing Director of CEMEX UAE and GCC States business unit, as well as held senior Commercial and Strategy positions in CEMEX UK business unit. He has MBA from Warwick Business School, master degree in International Relations and bachelor degree in Economics.

"Our main aims are to support our domestic and export customers by offering added value through product and service excellence; and to support our home Latvian market by bringing solutions such as concrete roads which have created value in other countries and which can allow our government to pursue ambitious infrastructure projects with finite budgets," says the new Chairman of the Board Graham Russell.

"Taking into consideration different challenges of Latvian business environment, as for example, very high electricity prices and unfair competition fostered by shadow economy, our main goal is to keep competitiveness of our manufactured product in the region," he adds.

CEMEX highly appreciates contribution of Enrique Garcia in development of CEMEX Latvia. He has managed the company since 2010 by successfully stabilizing production processes, increasing use of alternative fuels and widening export markets in the region. Enrique Garcia has now assumed the same position in CEMEX Puerto Rico business unit.

These changes in company's management are implemented as part of CEMEX global company management rotations in order to ensure business development all over the world.
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