Novartis recognized as the Family Friendly Employer

Jan 27, 2022

At the end of 2021, Novartis was recognized as the Family Friendly Employer in Latvia. The aim of the “Family-Friendly Workplace” initiative implemented by the Society Integration Fund is to promote the development of a work environment culture in Latvia that is empathetic, humane and understandable, while offering tools for both the assessment of the existing work environment and financial assistance in implementing various support measures for employees. In 2021, 75 employers received the status of the “Family-Friendly Workplace” program.

This recognition is a significant acknowledgment of an organization’s achievements in supporting employees family related responsibilities, strengthening family values and developing excellent practices in providing family-friendly jobs.

In order to receive the recognition, organizations are evaluated against set of criteria and have to demonstrate the implemented programs and practices.

In the assessment Novartis has been especially recognized for following best practices:

While this is a great acknowledgment and a moment to celebrate, working towards more inclusive organization doesn't stop with it, and Novartis commits to developing further to ensure a best environment for their employees as well as role-modeling in the local society.

More about the initiative of Society Integration Fund “Family-Friendly Workplace (in Latvian): HERE

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