Reaton joins the Chamber

Apr 24, 2020

Reaton has joined the Chamber as a Corporate member. The company has been importing, manufacturing and marketing food products throughout the Baltics since 1993, employing over 200 people in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The company represents more than 70 brands with over 4500 products in their portfolio, where more than 100 new products are brought into the market every year.

Reaton strongly believes that social, environmental and financial performance go hand in hand. It is important for them to act responsibly both in regards to customers, consumers, and the partners that their company is working with. With that, they constantly challenge themselves to carry out innovative and untraditional product development.

During this emergency situation due to COVID-19 pandemic, Reaton has donated products for over €10 000 to the various charities such as Hospiss LV, SOS Children's Villages in Latvia and Latvian Foster Family Association. 

In the Chamber it will be represented by Vija Tirzmale, Head of Marketing in the Baltic States.

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