Sonar equipment needed to find missing people

Aug 26, 2021

BEZVESTS.LV is the only volunteer organization providing missing persons search in Latvia since 2009. 136 people have been found in more than 1445 search operations. They have a team of more than 180 volunteers, consisting of telephone center staff, a thermal camera group, cynologists with a trained search dogs, divers, drone operators, and search instructors, group coordinators.

Despite the complicated situation due to Covid-19, BEZVESTS.LV has organized training sessions for new and existing volunteers as well as dog training seminars with international specialists and conducted around 64 search operations this year, in particular:

  • An important search operation was organized after the request of State Police in river Tervete. Only one of two drowned women was found by State authorities. BEZVESTS.LV volunteers have found the other woman with the help of specific underwater equipment. More information is available HERE
  • Another successful operation was conducted in Mezciems on April 25th, when cynologist group found the missing person. The two dogs – German Sheppard Casper and Cane Corso Dzeday made the whole track from the place where the person was seen last time. Read more about the operation HERE
  • There was also the search operation of Andrejs Skorinko. Unfortunately, the missing person was not found during the course of the search. More information is available HERE

In order to conduct complicated search operations, BEZVESTS.LV needs a special underwater sonar equipment that would help detect human remains in water. The sonar equipment that has been used in previous underwater search operations is not always available, therefore either in-kind or financial support to obtain such an equipment would be much appreciated.

Contact Rasa Buša, Project Manager & Cynologist of BEZVESTS.LV to find out more about donation possibilities: or +371 22084084.

Donation details:
"BEZVESTS.LV", Biedrība
Reg. 40008147693
Address: Skudru iela 4, Dreiliņi, Stopiņu novads, LV-2130, Latvija
Bank: Swedbank
Account: LV50HABA0551041026819

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