How competitive are banks in Latvia?

Nov 28, 2014

Recently the Center for Competitiveness of Riga Business School published a Study on the Present Competitive Performance and Future Prospects of the Banking Industry in Latvia. This paper is a research project that evaluates the performance of the top banks under both models over the past ten years and attempts to identify the opportunities and risks of the two models in the future. Additionally it measures attitudes of the public towards these banks.

William C. Schaub, Executive MBA Program Director of Riga Business School explains: "The Center for Competitiveness is a platform for RBS to do more with the business community."

According to the research, the Latvian banking sector has been distinct from the other Baltic countries in the number of participants and the banking models deployed. All three Baltic countries house large Nordic banks providing banking services to its residents. These banks provide a wide range of consumer and corporate banking services. Latvia has in addition to the Nordic banks a number of banks whose funding is derived from non-resident deposits.

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